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All Notaries charge fees for their professional services. It is recommended that on initial contact, you enquire of your selected Notary his or her fees payable for the particular notarial service you require. Notarial fees vary from Notary to Notary according to many factors, including experience, availability and market competition.

Except in NSW, VIC and WA, notarial fees are usually charged on an hourly basis and therefore the cost to you of the services you require will depend on the time spent with your selected Notary.

All Notaries are required to keep a Register or Record of their notarial acts, and most Notaries do so by retaining a photocopy of the particular document witnessed or certified.

In most cases, Notaries charge in increments of not less than one (1) hour.

In NSW and VIC, there are recommended scales of fees, but Notaries are not formally bound by these scales, and may charge above or below the recommended scale.

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Fee quoted on request.


Schedule of NSW Public Notaries Recommended Scale of Fees published in the NSW Government Gazette No 64 page 2258 on Friday, 12th August, 2016.

NSW Public Notaries Recommended Scale of Fees


Fee quoted on request.


Fee quoted on request


Fee quoted on request


Fee quoted on request


Schedule of Maximum Fees prescribed by Society of Notaries.

Download Schedule of Fees PDF


Schedule of Maximum Fees prescribed by Legal Practitioners (Public Notaries) Determination, 2015 (WA)


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