Notary Locator is a national Public Notary Directory listing subscribed Public Notaries practising in all States and Territories of Australia, including NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, ACT, WA, NT, TAS, & Norfolk Island.

Getting Listed

  1. Notaries Public appointed in accordance with the law of their particular Australian State or Territory are eligible to list their notarial practice on this website and are cordially invited to do so, either as a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze member. is ranked # 1 in the world with Google Search Engine for relevant keywords such as “notary” “notary public” and “public notary”.
  2. Furthermore, by listing on this website, notaries also receive free identical listings on its satellite websites and
  3. Notaries have the opportunity to showcase major areas of their general legal practice if a Platinum or Gold listing category is selected.
  4. Listings are automatically renewed annually.
  5. Subscribers are sent emails fourteen (14) days before their listings are due to expire and reply by return email is expected if they do not wish to renew their subscription.
  6. Notaries may list their notary/legal practices in additional Regions in which their notarial practice is currently located, at a discounted cost of 50% of their listing fee for each additional Region purchased.
  7. For such purchases, no change of address or contact details will be published; the notary’s current physical and postal address. will remain the same for each additional Region purchased. If a notary wishes to list in an additional Region &/or location within their current Region and publish a different address and contact details for that particular Region/location, the notary must purchase a new listing at full price and no discount is available. See below for further details.
  8. Subscribers’ positions on the lead-in Regional Directory page will depend on the category of listing selected. Platinum subscribers rank first above Gold subscribers, Gold ranks second above Silver, Silver above Bronze subscribers, all of whom appear on the Regional Directory page in rotating order.
  9. Notaries Public may subscribe to this website either by downloading, completing and emailing back to us the attached word document Listing Form or by completing the online Order Form with credit card payment facility below.
  10. Firm logos or head and shoulder Passport style images of Notary may be displayed on a Notary’s web page for Gold and Silver listings, but Notary’s images must be conservative and business like


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