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Justices of the Peace / JP Associations

New South Wales Justice's Association Limited

The NSW Justices' Association is an organisation of some 5,000 Justices of the Peace in New South Wales, Australia. The Association promotes, protects the rights of, and provides basic education to Justices of the Peace.


Queensland Justice Association (QJA)

QJA is a state wide association of justices committed to the professional development of the skills and knowledge of JPs and C.decs.


Royal Association of Justices of S.A

The Royal Association of Justices is the official association for Justices of the Peace in South Australia and represents its members in policy and administrative matters relevant to the role and function of Justices of the Peace.


The Auckland Justices of the Peace Association

Read about our involvement in both Ministerial and Judicial duties in the administration of New Zealand, what JPs do, and how we can help you.


The Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices' Associations

The site offers information to both Justices of the Peace and to other interested people and organizations.


UK Magistrates' Association

The objects for which the Association is established and incorporated are to promote the sound administration of the law.

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